Samuele Ghezzi is a singer and multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Trento, Italy. He started playing flute when he was 7 with classical music education at Minipolifonici and later at F.A. Bonporti Conservatory in Trento. Later on, he started singing blues and playing harmonica when he was 16, performing around the whole region of Trentino-Alto Adige. He then matured interest for jazz and started playing saxophone when he was 19. Samuele’s influences rotate around blues and jazz and their common sub-genres, as do his musical projects. In 2011, he started to perform with an Italian bluesband called “Curly Frog & the Blues Bringers” playing more than a thousand shows around Italy, Austria and Germany and recording two albums with original compositions, winning various music competitions, including “Music 4 the Next Generation”. The latter gave Sam the chance to tour with the Haydn Orchestra performing his original compositions.


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SINCE 2011


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After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in jazz flute at F.A. Bonporti Conservatory, Sam is currently studying in the Jazz Department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (NL), under the guidance of Robert Bonisolo and Simon Rigter, amongst others. 

In Amsterdam, Samuele is working as a musician and bandleader of a number of projects, namely “The Hi-Stakes” (Swing/ Rock ’n Roll) following in Louis Prima’s footsteps; “Roaring Cats” (Hot Jazz/ New Orleans Style) jumping on the bandwagon of Fats Waller; and finally “Jelly Roll Duo” (Rural Blues/ Ragtime/ Bluegrass) bringing alive old time music flavors. The way he studied the various repertoires, through a philologically conscious approach, guarantee a thought out performance, always accompanied by a sophisticated sarcasm and dynamic enthusiasm.

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